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Frequent flying: Making the Mundane Interesting

Anyone who has flown on an airplane has seen the safety video or live presentation at the beginning of the flight.  Usually the captive audience doesn’t pay much attention, and the presentations are mundane and ordinary.   Well, Air New Zealand has taken the mundane to a new level and made a safety video worth paying attention too.  Check it out.

What mundane or ordinary messages are you sending out that could use a creative spark to recapture interest?

Leaders: Don’t Self-Destruct

If sailing is the metaphor for leadership, I am most comfortable when the seas are choppy, the wind is blowing and there is risk in moving forward toward the goal. However, sometimes the seas are calm and there is no wind to be found, nor a challenging journey planned and I find that I am soon listless and ready for the next challenge to begin.

An all too often downfall of leaders, during these breezeless moments is creating their own choppy waters or chaos where none had existed. When I have done this I usually end up saying “why did I do that?” and I regret my meddling. Why did I meddle, tinker, or involve myself in something I should have left alone?  Truth be told, I was in need of some wind in my sails, I was bored, and I nearly caused my own self-destruction.

Have you ever done this? (Yes? Share your experiences in the comment section).

Here are three things I now do during blazé seasons so I don’t create future problems.

1. Recalibrate: Making sure I am rested and prepared for the next challenge or storm to come. I ask myself, “What can I do physically, mentally, spiritually to ready myself?” Are there new disciplines I need incorporate? I know another challenge is about to come (whether invited or not) so what can I do to rebuild and repair myself?

2. Visit with old friends, mentors and those you have helped. Relationships often suffer during challenging times. Down moments are great for reconnecting over coffee with those important people in your past. Also, visiting those who have been blessed by you or your leadership is refreshing. It can help you see your vision clearly and you can bring back success stories to those you lead and encourage them to keep moving forward.

3. Put yourself in a new environment. Go to a conference you don’t normally attend, visit a museum or try some new technology. When I have a down moment or two I love learning about new technologies, creating a new challenge for myself, finding new ways to express and show love to my wife and kids.

What ways do you keep yourself fresh and avoid self-destruction? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.


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