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Fun Friday Photo – Pencils Bring Joy?

India: Orphans and Vulnerable Children receive school supplies from Bright Hope

I remember taking this picture so well.  I asked the children what they were excited about receiving from their Hope Packs, and they held up their pencils.  “Pencils”, I said, “No Way!” and they all shouted back “YEEAAAHHHH”.   A moment I’ll never forget!

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Rev. CH Dyer

Fun Friday Photo – Contest Winner

Winning Photo

During my recent trip to India our team had a contest of who could spot, and take a photo of, the most people on a motor bike.  Mark Cushman spotted this family, Julie Montgomery snapped the photo. I love the great smiles.  By the way, I don’t recommend trying this at home, if you do, wear helmets.

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Stinky Feet Photography Brings Hope

Bright Hope often asks its allies for help with our cause to bring Hope to the extreme poor.  Sometimes you offer to bring whatever talents, gifts and resources you have to this battle against death and hopelessness and the results are amazing!

Julie Montgomery, owner of Stinky Feet Photography, volunteered to travel to India with a team from Bright Hope in January.  She not only documented all of our partners’ significant stories of life change but she also ministered to dozens of women with encouragement and grace.

Our special thanks goes to Julie and Stinky Feet Photography for the great work, and making a difference in the lives of the extreme poor through Bright Hope.  www.StinkyFeetPhotography.net

Photos from India #2

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#1. Teaching people to make their own candles.  Saving them an average of $150 a year (not bad when their normal wages are $350/yr.)

#2. CH teaching at an outdoor service, sometimes by candlelight, unexpectedly.

#3. Sewing classes teach women how to sew their own clothes and start a tailoring business.  Many women in India have foot powered sewing machines they received as wedding gifts, but they have never been trained.

#4. This church doubled in size when the community saw the help they were proving through the sewing class.

Delhi Slum

I spent today in a slum area of New Delhi.  The project was started by a local church a few kilometers away.  Literacy classes, job creation projects, a preschool, and church services are all part of this outreach. 40,000 people live between three sets of railway tracks.  Young girls and women are at risk of prostitution, rape and domestic violence.    Most people work long hours for a few pennies.

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No other agencies or churches are ministering here.  You can support this project here: Help Delhi Slum

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