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My name is C.H. Dyer.  I am CEO of Bright Hope (www.BrightHope.org) and an expert in relief and development of the extreme poor.  I am a leader, an entrepreneur, evangelist, motivator, and follower of Christ.  I believe those earning less than $1.25 a day need physical aid, economic opportunity and spiritual guidance to overcome poverty.  There are a billion people in my target market, so I could use your help

I am a husband and a father of three children (one that I never see enough of, and the other two are growing up too fast).  My wife and I are big adoption proponents, we adopted two children from Russia.

I write to inspire and inform about poverty issues and living a life filled with Christ’s love for people.

I speak and preach and I am increasing in my social networking capabilities.

I believe my life’s purpose is to inspire and help others to reach into the lives of the bottom billion sharing hope for today, tomorrow and eternity.

C.H. Dyer

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 Twitter:  https://twitter.com/#!/CHDyer1
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Telephone:  224-520-6100

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