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Adoption and Vulnerable Child Care Website List

Below are some recommended adoption websites, links to resources and recommended orphan and vulnerable child organizations.  I have put this list together for a sermon I am giving at Willow Creek Community Church, to their orphan care ministry.  I hope this is helpful to you.

Bright Hope

Bright Hope and Willow Creek Partnership in Zambia

Support a poor family caring for an orphan in Haiti

 Russian Adoption

This group screened medical records and video tape for both our adopted children:

Information and chat-rooms about Russian and Ukrainian adoptions

Links and information for International Adoptions

Congressional Coalition on Adoption

Adoption Agencies and Ministry List

Funding Resources for Adoption

Books and Resources

Frequent flying: Making the Mundane Interesting

Anyone who has flown on an airplane has seen the safety video or live presentation at the beginning of the flight.  Usually the captive audience doesn’t pay much attention, and the presentations are mundane and ordinary.   Well, Air New Zealand has taken the mundane to a new level and made a safety video worth paying attention too.  Check it out.

What mundane or ordinary messages are you sending out that could use a creative spark to recapture interest?

Outdoor Evangelism in Cuba

I received a report that our church partners in Cuba held their first outdoor evangelistic service since the 1950’s with over 10,000 people in attendance. Hundreds of people came forward to receive Christ.  The next day, people brought their idols and smashed them to show their devotion to Christ alone.  We praise God for this report and that Bright Hope’s allies who supported this meeting.

This news was such an encouragement to me.  Cuba has been under pressure and oppression.  Matthew 16:18 comes to mind “… on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not overcome it.”  God’s mighty hand was upon our church partners.

We are in the last few days of our fiscal year and I’ve seen God display His goodness through so many of our church partnerships, as well as in the lives of our allies.  Please join me in celebrating our answered prayers for the poor and persecuted, and watch as God builds His church and expands our impact over the coming months.

On Saturday we will close our books for the end of the fiscal year.  Please consider a year end gift for the few projects that still need funding.

Bright Hope Link

Graduation: From College and Slum

Zainabu in 2008

You may have walked through Bright Hope’s replica of her slum house located in our warehouse. You may have listened to her testimony or seen her picture on Bright Hope’s website.  You may not remember her by name, but you know her story.

Exactly four years ago on my trip to the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, I met a vibrant young girl named Zainabu.  She was an orphaned teenager trying to support her three younger siblings living in the darkness of poverty.  The burden of taking care of her siblings and trying to earn money to survive could have darkened her spirit.  But she had an unshakable hope for her future.

Zainabu had been attending our partner church in Nairobi, Mathare Community Outreach Church.  She was on the dance team and worshipped the Lord through dance.  The pastor of the church spoke highly of this young woman.  He said she had great faith in God and remained pure and focused on trusting God with her future.

When I sat down and spoke with her, I asked her what her dreams were for her life.  She explained the deaths of her parents and the unwavering burden of trying to take care of her siblings.  But then her eyes lit up, and she walked over to a little cabinet in her shack and pulled out a college application – already filled out specifically to major in communications.  “This is my dream,” she told me.

It was then that we began the scholarship program in the Mathare Valley slum.

Night classes were her only option, as she had to still find ways to earn money to feed her siblings.  It took a team of “body guards” to get her home each night, for the alleys of Mathare are not a place any woman should be walking alone.

Four years later, we praise God for the blessings of helping Zainabu to attend college.  We celebrate her today, as she has graduated college with her degree!

The church and friends celebrated by singing “This is the Day That the Lord has Made” and testimonials.  She said this in her speech:

“God is good all the time!  I’m so happy – I don’t know what to say!  I am so grateful to God for this chance that He has brought me.  It’s been a long journey full of challenges, full of ups and downs, but I’m so grateful to God.  I remember when I was so hopeless, even when my parents were alive and couldn’t afford my school.  I had given up hope.  And then the day the pastor came to me and told me I was going to school – I was so surprised!    I remember I got a Bible, a mattress, a blanket, and some pants, and everything I needed to go to school … First to elementary school, then secondary school and finally college …

 Thank you to the Bright Hope organization and all the Bright Hope allies – thank you for all the financial help.  Thank you for seeing me through all of this.  And to every single person who supported me, who contributed to my success, I have to say thank you.”

Zainabu now has a job and is planning to move out from the slum to better place for her brother and two sisters, another graduation of sorts.

If you would like to help other students graduate from trade schools and universities, it costs $40 for a week of trade school.  There are jobs waiting for teachers, accountants and nurses who finish these two year degrees.



Joy-Filled Moments, Past or Present

C.H.’s abridged list of joy-filled days:

  • On Sunday, I celebrated my 47th birthday; that was a joy-filled day.
  • The adoption days of my two younger children were joy-filled days.
  • The birth of my oldest daughter was a joy-filled day.
  • The day I married Anne was a joy-filled day.

Some joy-filled moments were from my childhood:

  • When got my diploma from Jr. High school, that was a joy-filled moment.
  • When I lost my first tooth in kindergarten, that was a joy-filled moment, or on second thought maybe it wasn’t. I think I was actually scared by that event, but receiving those two quarters from the tooth fairy was a joy-filled moment for sure.
  • When I got straight A’s my junior year of high school, when I learned to ride a two-wheeler, when I first drove my dad’s car, all these provided moments of great joy.

But when I remember that I am a sinner, saved by grace, forgiven for all my failures, and made clean by the blood of Jesus something happens, something unexplainable. When I contemplate grace my list of past joy-filled moments shrinks into insignificance, and my heart bursts open with a present sense of joy.  The joy of salvation isn’t about a memory or something from a time long ago.  No, the joy that grace delivers is always fresh, living in the present, here with me right now.  It is a joy from Jesus and it is available to all who ask.

Live Easter’s joy everyday.

Psalm 92:4 NLT   You thrill me, LORD, with all you have done for me! I sing for joy because of what you have done.

I’m writing today as a contributor to the Christian Writers Blog Chain. Our theme for this month is “Joy.” is an excellent place to network if you’re a Christian writer or author. Please visit these other members:

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